Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Foam

Typical Tank Foam Kit


Spray foam, like many home improvement products, can be done by a “do-it-yourselfer”.  Although it’s possible, it’s almost never cost effective.  Many companies manufacture tank foam kits, also called froth packs.  These kits are composed of two tanks similar in size to a gas grill propane tank (or smaller – there are many different size kits).  A hose (usually 10’) and gun attach to the tanks.  You turn the valves on and start spraying.  However, there are drawbacks as described below.

The cost of the tank material is a minimum of $1 per board foot (1 Square foot 1” thick).  On top of that you have to install it yourself.  In our region, you can typically hire a professional contractor like Energsmart to install closed cell foam for that price AND we install it for you.  Our material is also denser and will hold up well to wear and tear.

Tank foam makes sense in certain situations and Energsmart uses them regularly for patch jobs, air sealing, and things of that nature.  The paragraph above really tells you all you need to know, but here are some other negatives about tank foam to consider:

  1. It’s messy.
  2. The tips easily clog.  If you don’t keep moving along you’ll have to buy expensive tips or even a new hose (at $80).
  3. Not being familiar with the expansion, you can easily put on too much insulation, which doesn’t hurt except in the wallet.
  4. If you don’t completely use the tank up it will likely become unusable within a few months, which is more wasted money.
  5. If you run out you have to buy another full kit, whether you need the entire kit or not.

In some very limited situations, I would recommend a do-it-yourselfer use tank foam, but in reality, tank foam kits are for professionals.  We’re always here for advice so don’t hesitate to call. 716-775-8035.

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