DIY Cellulose Tips


If you’re a fan of Energsmart and foam insulation, you know that spray foam is the best product on the market for insulation. Sometimes our potential customers just don’t have the cash for the larger up-front investment for foam and sometimes they’re in a position where they need to install cellulose. We completely understand! That’s why we offer cellulose or a combination of spray foam and cellulose. This breadth in our product line allows us to meet the needs of just about every budget.

The point of this post is to let everyone know that we’re now serving the DIY community. People tell us they went to Home Depot and bought cellulose and did the job themselves. I can respect that. I’m like that in a lot of ways. You can save a lot of money if you’re willing to get dirty and put some time into a project. Cellulose is perfect for that. Frankly, it’s not that tough to do. With a couple pointers on ventilation and depth from a professional, anyone can do it. The issue is that when people go to Home Depot, they get raked over the coals by their high prices.

“Less Saving. More Doing. Only at the Home Depot”

The last time I checked, an 18 lb. bag of cellulose cost $10.85 at Home Depot. That’s a whopping $0.60 per pound! Energsmart sells a 30 lb. bag for about $8.50, which is only $0.28 per pound. That’s less than half the price for the same R-value and coverage! Home Depot hooks you by letting you rent their machine for “free”. I would hope so when they’re overcharging you by $6 per bag!

Home Depot = $10.85 (18lbs), Energsmart = $8.50 (30lbs)

You can purchase cellulose from Energsmart

So if you’re thinking of doing a cellulose project yourself, do yourself a favor and buy your cellulose from Energsmart. Even after renting the machine you’ll still come out on top. We also have can foam in stock, feel free to contact or call us today at 716-775-8035. We’re happy to help.

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